Activity lifecycle – different approach

Creating mobile applications is always so serious.

If it seems to you that the explanation of the lifecycle of an Activity is difficult, then maybe the humoristic approach will be more effective (or at least entertaining):

When you click to open your application,

First screen is waiting to creation.

Developers creativity,

Led to call it an Activity.


There are things that you should know,

It is lifecycle! – please read slow.

First a callback, single call,

OnCreate to init all.

Next onStart – what does it mean,

An Activity is visible on a screen.

Later onResume – that’s a fact,

Users can now interact.

Every swipe and every drag,

It’s your fault if the app will lag.


Later user wants to quit,

Few more things we must admit.

OnPause call will be there for sure,

Time to unload and make the CPU pure.

The Activity will still be on the screen,

But now it’s not an interactive scene.

After the onStop call, we tell,

That this activity may go to hell.

The last callback to clear before it dies,

OnDestroy, and close your eyes!


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PS: At least I tried 😉


Michał Łuszczuk

Lead Android developer @Blix-Qpony Group